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My Spot Questions Really Came Out

My spot questions really came out! I'vebeen spotting the questions for SPM for many years already. So far, I was 85% correct. Of course I couldn't be 100% correct unless I've seen the question paper beforehand. Some people do go around digging for the actual question papers so that they can give them to their students to prepare in advance. This is unethical and shouldn't be practised. 
Questions for poem was based on There's Been A Death In The Opposite House, and the short story was based on The Drover's Wife.
For The Pearl, the question was much easier than I spotted; students were asked to describe an important incident that they remember from the novel...more or less like writing a synopsis of the incident. 
For Directed Writing, it was an informal letter to a cousin. As for Continuous Writing, my favorite question; Write a story beginning with'It had been raining all day...' I will write a short story on this, and post it here later.



Sample Answer (The Pearl)

Sample Question From JPN Terengganu:
'People always hope for a better life'. Based on The Pearl, write about the hopes of one of the characters. What did the character do in order to achieve his/her hopes?
I choose The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck. It is true that people always hope for a better life. This can be seen in Kino, the main character of The Pearl.
As the breadwinner of his family, Kino has to work hard by going pearl diving in the sea everyday. He even risks his own life every time he goes pearl diving without proper equipment. The money that he gets after selling the pearls will be used to provide for his family. Life is very basic for them.
However, the finding of The Pearl has brought hope to Kino and his family. Kino starts to dream of four things. Firstly, he wants to get married with Juana in church. Secondly, he wants to buy new clothes for his family. Next, he wants to buy a rifle for himself. The most important of all, he wants to send Coyotito to school t…

Tips for Literature SPM

POEM--most probably either There's Been A Death In The Opposite House or Sonnet 18, will come out this year.

SHORT STORY--most probably either The Drovers Wife or Looking For A Rain God, will come out this year.

NOVEL--most probably the question will be on character.

Tips for Directed Writing SPM

1. You should know that you will be awarded 3 marks for the format and 12 marks for the content. This is where you can score. Just make sure that you fulfill all three format requirements; for example, for informal letter you must have your address on top right, 'Dear ___,' before the opening of your letter, and your signature at the end of the letter. Then, make sure that you mention all the 12 points given and you will get your 12 marks for content. However, sometimes only 10 points are given and you will have to give two more on your own. You might also be given 6 points only. In this case, you will have to elaborate on each point to make sure that you get 12 marks altogether for the content. So now you have 15 marks already.
2. As for the language, it depends very much on your grammar especially the tenses (sad to say in Malaysia, the marking criteria concerns more on identifying your mistakes and less on your creativity). Apart from that, if you are able to elaborate wel…

Tips for Continuous Writing SPM

1. Write a story because your errors (grammar, spelling, sentence structures and so on) will not be so glaring in a story compared to a factual essay.

2. Always write about something real and close to you. It is easier than writing about something fictional, which you have to create and imagine.

3. Combine description with narration and you will get a wonderful story (see the example of this approach in my short story entitled "Friendship").
4. Prepare a story in advance. Write a story about two pages length; do not write to long because it will make the examiner spend longer time to read and mark your essay, which is quite annoying. Ask your teacher to check the grammar and the sentence structure. Make sure that when you enter the exam hall, you have a story in your mind. Do not go there empty-headed; you will waste a lot of your precious time thinking on what to write on the spot. When you get the question paper, what you have to do is to adjust and adapt the story …

Baraka Allahu Lakuma

Listen to the song and complete the lyrics below.

We're here on this __________ day
Our hearts are full of __________
A day that brings the two of you
__________ together

We're _________ here to celebrate
A moment you'll always __________
We ask Allah to make your love
Last __________

Let's __________ our hands and make du'a
Like the __________ taught us
And with one __________ let's all say...say...say...

From now you'll __________ all your joys
Through __________, support each other
Together __________ Allah
__________ His pleasure

We pray that He will feed your life
With happiness and __________
And __________ you kids
Who make your home filled with __________

Let's __________ our hands and make du'a
Like the __________ taught us
And with one __________ lets all say...say...say...

special, pleasure, close, gathered, treasure, forever, raise, prophet, voice, share, hardships, worshiping, seeking, blessings, grant, laughter


This photo was taken on the final session with these Year 6 students. There were three others who refused to have their photo taken. We had only six Year 6 students in the class, as this is our first year in operation. Alhamdulillah, when the result was announced yesterday, 11 November 2010, Sufiah managed to score 5A. Congratulations.

A Crush

I was only seventeen and I was head over heel in love. Never in my life had I expected that I would have a crush. My goodness…it was so wonderful. It happened this morning and since then I became restless. I just could not stop thinking of her. What a pleasant torture!

The first lesson this morning was Chemistry. As usual, we waited for our teacher, Miss Lee, at the lab but she did not show up. After ten minutes my classmates and I went back to our classroom and started doing our own things. Some gathered at a corner and gossiped while some others preferred to read books. I was telling a joke to my buddies, Ayap and Jeff when a beautiful young lady stepped into the classroom. She was there to replace Miss Lee. Stunned, I just could not take my eyes away from her.

Types of Sentences (Simple Sentences)

I believe that a writer must know how to define simple, compound, and complex sentences before they can use them correctly. Once a writer knows how to write a simple sentence, it will be easier to write both compound and complex sentences. With these three sentence types, it is possible to write good essays, with good sentence variety.
A simple sentence contains a subject and a predicate, and it expresses a complete thought. In the following simple sentences, subjects are in yellow, and predicate are in green.
A. Some students like to study late at night.
B. Johan and Ali play football every evening.
C. Alicia goes to the library and studies every day.
The three examples above are all simple sentences. Note that sentence B contains a compound subject (Johan and Ali), and sentence C contains a compound verb (goes to the library and studies) in the predicate. Simple sentences, therefore, contain a subject and verb and express a complete thought, but they can also c…

Types of Sentences (Complex Sentences)

We may form Complex Sentences by using one of the two patterns below:

When I looked into the mirror, I saw a pretty woman.
I saw a pretty woman when I looked into the mirror.
Until Johan attended SERI ABIM, he had no focus in life.
Johan had no focus in life until he attended SERI ABIM.

Joining words (subordinating conjunctions): As, As if, Because, Since, Although, Even though, When, While, Until, Unless, Where, etc.

Pattern 1         Joining word Subject + Predicate, Subject + Predicate.
Pattern 2         Subject + Predicate joining word Subject + Predicate.

It is important to know that sentences containing adjective clauses are also complex:

The woman whom my mom talked to is her cousin.
The cat that Johan found was dead.
The town where I grew up is in Johor.

Subject + Adjective Clause + Predicate

Types of Sentences (Compound Sentences)

We may form Compound Sentences by:
1. Using a Comma and a Joining Word (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So) 
The teacher lectured for over an hour, and his students slept soundly.
The students studied hard,for they feared they might fail the test.  Aminah had a test the next day, so she studied all night long.

Subject + Predicate, joining word Subject + Predicate.

2. Using a Semicolon.

The teacher lectured for over an hour; his students slept soundly. The students studied hard; they feared they might fail the test.
Aminah studied all night long; she had a test the next day.

Subject + Predicate ; Subject + Predicate.

3. Using a Semicolon, a Transition Word (however, therefore, in fact, on the other hand, nonetheless, besides, instead, then, moreover, similarly, nevertheless, etc.) and a Comma.
The flower was beautiful; however, it smelled awful.  Salmah did all her homework; then, she went to sleep.  Ali studied for the test all weekend; therefore, he expected a good grade on the test…