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Sample Answer (Step by Wicked Step)

Sample Question:
What is the most important moral value that you have learnt from the novel you have studied? With close reference to the text, give reasons to support your answer.

I choose the novel Step by Wicked Step written by Anne Fine. The most important moral value that I have learnt from this novel is honesty. There are many examples which show the importance of honesty throughout this novel.

First of all, we can see that in this novel, parents are not being honest to their children. They do not tell their children what is happening between them. This causes the children a lot of stress and worry. For example, Lilith Harwick does not tell her children that their father is dying. We see how distressed Richard is when guessing the truth about his father's condition. When Colin's mother decides to leave Colin's dad and move up north, she does not explain the reason to Colin. Colin does not like his new life and misses his dad a lot, but his mother does not seem to be …