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Fatimi Estar bt Ibrahim Estar 
Diploma Perguruan Malaysia (Pengajian Inggeris); Maktab Perguruan Temenggung Ibrahim, Johor Bahru (1993-1995) 
BA (Hons) English Language and Literature Studies; Universiti Sains Malaysia (1999-2002) 

I am an English teacher with 14 years of teaching experience at the Malaysian Primary and Secondary Schools. Within the 14 years, I attended many courses and seminars at district, state and even national levels which have enhanced my knowledge and skills.
Apart from that, I was also involved as a presenter as well as a trainer (JU) in the courses and seminars conducted by Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, at the district and the state levels. Experienced as an examiner of a public examination paper, I was often invited to give a seminar on answering techniques, at schools around Kulaijaya, Johor.

On 1st January 2010, I officially resigned from my post as a teacher in the government school (SMK Bandar Putra, Kulaijaya). I am now running my own tuition centre, which is Pusat Tuisyen Minda Elit at Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi. In June 2012, I founded ESTA Resources which aims to organize educational seminars and workshops for students all over Malaysia. I am also a blogger, and a columnist in FOKUS SPM.


SK Taman Sri Pulai, Skudai
SMK Sultan Ibrahim, Kulai
SMK Bandar Putra, Kulai

Primary School English Teacher (1995-2001)

1. SK Taman Sri Pulai, Skudai, Johor (Disember 1995 - Disember 1996)
2. SK Seri Laksana, Batu Pahat, Johor (Januari 1997 - Disember 2001)

Secondary School English Teacher (2002-2009)

1. SMK Sultan Ibrahim, Kulai, Johor (Februari 2002 - Mei 2006)
2. SMK Bandar Putra, Kulai, Johor (Jun 2006 - Disember 2009)

Examiner of SPM Bahasa Inggeris (1119/1&2) (2005-2008)

Head of  English for Science & Technology (EST) Panel, SMK Bandar Putra, Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Secretary of JKD English for Science & Technology (EST), Kulaijaya District (2007-2008)

Setiausaha Peperiksaan (SPM), SMK Bandar Putra, Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Trainer (Jurulatih Utama), Buddy Support System Daerah Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Penyelaras, Buddy Support System SMK Bandar Putra, Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Trainer (Jurulatih Utama), PLBS Bahasa Inggeris Negeri Johor (2007)

Ketua Pentaksir Kawasan (Daerah Kulai) PLBS Bahasa Inggeris (2007-2008)

Trainer in Program Kecemerlangan SPM Daerah Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Trainer in the Answering Technique Seminar for SPM (1119), at secondary schools around  Kulaijaya (2007-2008)

Presenter in the District Action Research Seminar, Kulaijaya, 2007 (Tajuk: Teaching the Past Tense by Using Comic Strips) 

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