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Sample Answer (Step by Wicked Step)

Compare and contrast 2 characters from a novel you have studied. With close reference to the text, give reasons to support your answer.

I choose the novel Step by Wicked Step, written by Anne Fine. I am going to compare and contrast Claudia and Pixie. There are similarities and differences between them which can be observed clearly throughout the story.

First of all, Claudia and Pixie share similar fate where their parents are divorced and their fathers live with another women. Claudia's father lives with his girl friend named Stella. Sometimes Claudia spends her time with her dad and Stella even though she hates Stella. She refuses to enjoy her stay with her dad out of loyalty to her mother and she also ignores Stella. In Pixie's case, her father marries Lucy who has two daughters, Sophie and Hetty. Pixie hates her step sisters. Her father promises that she would have her own room whenever she stays with them but later her step sister, Hetty moves into her room after having a…