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Listening and Speaking

It is very true that the teaching of English as a second language focuses too much on analyzing the language. Even the native speakers themselves do not learn grammar as much as we do in Malaysia. It is misleading and the learners will end up thinking that English is very rigid hence become scared to use the language in their daily conversation.

Listening skill is very important in effective communication. There are many listening materials being produced and sold to people who have the desire to improve their communication in English. However, I find that most of these materials are not very natural. Maybe it is suitable in formal occasions such as public speaking, presentation and so on, but not in casual conversation. In easier words, it is not the way native speakers speak in their daily life.

Honestly, I do not believe that language acquisition has anything to do with a person's level of intelligence. It is whether or not that person get enough exposure to the input of the l…