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Weekend Seminar for 2012 SPM Candidates: "The Secret to Writing an A+ Essay"

"In this seminar you will be exposed to the secret which has helped many students to score A+ in their SPM English. Tired of getting 50%-60% marks for your English in exams? This is a golden opportunity for you to improve before it is too late. Our results have already been proven for many years. Join us now!"
We have identified the students' problems:

Most students are: confused with all the Tenses and the Subject-Verb Agreement. They have learned so many grammar rules at school and yet are not able to use them properly while writing their essays.having problem in producing correct sentence structures because theyare influenced by their first language (BM, Mandarin, Tamil etc.).not exposed to the correct English sentence structure (syntax). What they usually do is to fill in their first language structures with English words.having jumbled up ideas in their mind, and like to write everything they could think of in first few paragraphs. As a result, their essays are short a…