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Analysing the Characters in Step by Wicked Step


Ralph is a smart boy. His teachers describe him as 'quick-witted'. He is able to remember the complicated arrangement of which house to go to on different days of the week. At the tower room, he tells his friends to pretend to be asleep so that they can read Richard's diary later.

Ralph is also a responsible boy. He cares for his stepmother, Flora, and her baby. He reads baby books and sorts out baby clothes his mother is lending him in preparation for the baby.

Besides, Ralph is wise and sensible. He is against Colin's plan to disappear and tells the group about it. He tells Colin that he will not feel better by making his mother feel the pain of loss.

Analysing the Characters in Step by Wicked Step


Colin is a dreamy and melancholic boy. He has a habit of daydreaming in class, which drove all his teachers to despair. He pretends that his dad is still with him, and talks to him for hours. He often sits by the skating rink to listen to the song 'The Bluebird of Happiness', and thinks of his dad.

Besides, Colin is loyal to his dad. When he realizes that his dad is not coming to him, he secretly writes a letter to him but there is no reply. Even after five years, Colin still misses him. He even fills his dad's name and old address on all the school forms.

Colin is also a determined person. He plans to go back and look for his dad when he is old enough. He works hard, doing three paper rounds and saves every penny he earns so that when the time comes, he will have enough money.