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Sample Answer (Step by Wicked Step)

Based on one of the novel that you have studied, write about a memorable event and how the event affects one of the characters in the story.

Support your answer with close reference to the text.

I choose the novel Step by Wicked Step written by Anne Fine. The memorable event from the novel is the honest conversation between Pixie and her stepmother Lucy. I think that the conversation is important because it affects and changes Pixie's life.

First of all, I think that the conversation is important because Pixie gets a chance to tell the truth about her feelings. Pixie tells Lucy that she hates to pretend that their family is normal. It is hard for her to accept strangers as family. She dislikes her stepsisters. When Hetty moves into Pixie's bedroom after quarreling with Sophie, Pixie becomes very angry. She tries many ways to get rid of Hetty.

Apart from that, I think that the conversation between Lucy and Pixie is important because Lucy also gets a chance to express her feeling…

Literature SPM (Poem)

I would like to make a correction here. In one of my earlier post, I mentioned that only one poem learned in form 4 will be tested in SPM. However, it turned out that the poem that will be tested might be the one learned in either form 4 or form 5. Therefore, it is necessary for us to focus on all four poems which are Nature, Are You Still Playing Your Flute, In The Midst of Hardship and He Had Such Quiet Eyes as preparation for SPM. Good luck.