I had a best friend. Her name was Asma. We had been friends since we were in primary school. Our friendship lasted for a long time because we understood and trusted each other. We were more like sisters than friends.

Asma was a beautiful girl. She had a lot of admirers at school. Even though she was beautiful, she had never boasted about her beauty. Her flawless face was heart shaped. She had an attractive pair of big hazel eyes with heavy lashes. When she smiled her eyes smiled too. Asma was tall and slim, just like a model. She always looked nice in whatever clothes that she wore. Her favorite outfit was T-shirt and jeans because she felt comfortable wearing them. Asma's skin was fair. When she stood under the sun, her skin would turn reddish.

Having a pleasant personality, Asma was well-liked by people around her. She was friendly to everybody. She always looked beyond race and religions when it came to friendship, because she believed that it was the individual that one should be concerned with. Besides, she was a responsible person. Teachers loved her very much for they could rely on her to do tasks and duties. As the Head Prefect at school, she was well known as a good leader and a problem solver. Apart from that, Asma was kindhearted. Whenever she met people who needed help, she would definitely lend her hand. I had never seen Asma sad. Even though she had problems, she would never show it to others.

However, something bad happened last year. After SPM, Asma and I went for the National Service program at a camp in Mersing, Johor. We were happy to be located at the same camp. The program was quite tough as it was meant to train us not only physically but also mentally. Everyday we had to do a lot of activities such as marching, running, climbing and so on. Life there was more or less like in an army camp. However, we went through all the difficulties happily because we had each other.

One day, while we were marching under the sun Asma suddenly fainted. I was in panic and shouted for help. The trainer came to see what had happened. Later, Asma was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I went along with her. The journey took about half an hour since our camp was located a bit far from town. At the hospital, Asma was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit. She remained unconscious. Asma's parents were informed. Since Asma was their only child, they were so worried. When they arrived at the hospital about three hours later, I told them everything that had happened.

Asma was diagnosed of leukemia. She was at the critical stage. I was so shocked to hear the news because Asma had never shown any sign of illness before. Maybe the tough routines at the camp had worsen her condition. Asma's parents were devastated by the news. Her mother could not stop crying. There was nothing that we could do except praying for her recovery. Asma was under a coma for a week. Finally, on Friday morning at about 8.30 a.m. Asma left us forever. I had lost my one and only best friend but our friendship would always remain in my heart till the end of my life.


This essay was written based on the sample SPM question; a single word question "Friendship". For this essay, I combined description (describing a person, etc) with narration (story telling). In second paragraph I described a person's physical appearance, while in third paragraph I described her characteristics. From paragraph four onwards, I started writing the story which ends with the death of the person that I have described earlier.

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