Tips for Continuous Writing SPM

1. Write a story because your errors (grammar, spelling, sentence structures and so on) will not be so glaring in a story compared to a factual essay.

2. Always write about something real and close to you. It is easier than writing about something fictional, which you have to create and imagine.

3. Combine description with narration and you will get a wonderful story (see the example of this approach in my short story entitled "Friendship").

4. Prepare a story in advance. Write a story about two pages length; do not write to long because it will make the examiner spend longer time to read and mark your essay, which is quite annoying. Ask your teacher to check the grammar and the sentence structure. Make sure that when you enter the exam hall, you have a story in your mind. Do not go there empty-headed; you will waste a lot of your precious time thinking on what to write on the spot. When you get the question paper, what you have to do is to adjust and adapt the story in your head to the question. Usually the question will ask you to write "a story beginning with..." or "a story ending with...". So, be smart and creative.

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