Sample Answer (The Pearl)

Sample Question From JPN Terengganu:

'People always hope for a better life'.
Based on The Pearl, write about the hopes of one of the characters. What did the character do in order to achieve his/her hopes?

I choose The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck. It is true that people always hope for a better life. This can be seen in Kino, the main character of The Pearl.

As the breadwinner of his family, Kino has to work hard by going pearl diving in the sea everyday. He even risks his own life every time he goes pearl diving without proper equipment. The money that he gets after selling the pearls will be used to provide for his family. Life is very basic for them.

However, the finding of The Pearl has brought hope to Kino and his family. Kino starts to dream of four things. Firstly, he wants to get married with Juana in church. Secondly, he wants to buy new clothes for his family. Next, he wants to buy a rifle for himself. The most important of all, he wants to send Coyotito to school to get proper education. The Pearl is the ticket to a better life for Kino and his family.

Kino and his people have been cheated by the rich people especially the pearl buyers for generations because they are  not educated. By sending Coyotito to school, Kino hopes that in future Coyotito will be able to improve the life of his family as well as his people. Kino is determined to protect the Pearl of the World from being stolen by others, as the hope for a better life lies in it. Unfortunately, things do not go as Kino hopes. When Coyotito dies at the end of the story, all the hopes and dreams die with him.

In a nutshell, it is true that people always hope for a better life. Kino too hopes for a better life for his family and tries his best to make sure that his dreams will come true, even though he fails in the end. I think we should all hope for a better life, because it will make us work harder to achieve our dreams.