My Spot Questions Really Came Out

My spot questions really came out! I've been spotting the questions for SPM for many years already. So far, I was 85% correct. Of course I couldn't be 100% correct unless I've seen the question paper beforehand. Some people do go around digging for the actual question papers so that they can give them to their students to prepare in advance. This is unethical and shouldn't be practised. 

Questions for poem was based on There's Been A Death In The Opposite House, and the short story was based on The Drover's Wife.

For The Pearl, the question was much easier than I spotted; students were asked to describe an important incident that they remember from the novel...more or less like writing a synopsis of the incident. 

For Directed Writing, it was an informal letter to a cousin. As for Continuous Writing, my favorite question; Write a story beginning with 'It had been raining all day...' I will write a short story on this, and post it here later.