A Crush

I was only seventeen and I was head over heel in love. Never in my life had I expected that I would have a crush. My goodness…it was so wonderful. It happened this morning and since then I became restless. I just could not stop thinking of her. What a pleasant torture!

The first lesson this morning was Chemistry. As usual, we waited for our teacher, Miss Lee, at the lab but she did not show up. After ten minutes my classmates and I went back to our classroom and started doing our own things. Some gathered at a corner and gossiped while some others preferred to read books. I was telling a joke to my buddies, Ayap and Jeff when a beautiful young lady stepped into the classroom. She was there to replace Miss Lee. Stunned, I just could not take my eyes away from her.

The beautiful young lady later introduced herself to us. Her name was Cik Hayati and she was going to do her Praktikum at this school for about three months. Since today was her first day, no wonder she looked a bit nervous. Listening to her talking stirred an emotion deep inside me. Her voice was very soft, and when she spoke it became music to my ears. I kept staring at her. Her symmetrical face was oval in shape. She wore a pair of blue contact lenses which looked surprisingly perfect on her despite the fact that she was not white. Her heavy lashes were made thicker by layers of mascara. How did I come to notice all these? Well…there were things about ladies that I was concerned with. For me, a true lady had to be well groomed. On top of everything, her pink lipstick had softened her complexion and made her looked really sweet. Once in a while, she would smile and one could clearly see the dimple on her left cheek.

The attraction was very strong. I kept observing Cik Hayati. She had a slim figure and was not very tall; I guess she was about five feet high. She was wearing beige with purple floral motifs kebaya. The sleeves were heavily embroidered. A large dangling brooch decorated the front of the kebaya. She was wearing a purple scarf on her head and a matching colored pair of stilettos which were three inches high. She carried a chic Guess monogram handbag which was light brown in colour. The way she carried herself around was perfectly feminine and I loved that very much.

Even after she left the class, I still could not stop thinking of Cik Hayati. I started building castle in the air, that one day Cik Hayati would become my wife. Of course she was older than me, but nowadays people did not really mind about the age gap. Just take a look at Azizah Ariffin and her young husband, Khafairil; they were happy together. Ayap and Jeff noticed my condition and started making fun of me. "O my God…someone is having a crush!" I had no intention to defend myself for what they said was true. I was in love. Cik Hayati fitted all the criteria that I looked for in a wife; she was feminine, beautiful, well groomed, educated and had a good career. She would make a perfect future wife for me.

My Words:
This essay was written based on actual SPM 2008 question; My perfect future husband or wife. Instead of writing a usual boring description of a person, I wrote from a school boy's point of view. It is a casual recount of the boy's experience, having a crush on a beautiful young lady teacher. It is actually something common in a school boy's life to fall in love with his teacher, but of course it doesn't go any further. That's why we call it a crush.

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