Teach Writing by Modelling

To teach writing effectively, teachers must show rather than tell. This can be done by modelling. According to Professor Linda Mason, who teaches and conducts research at Pennsylvania University, modelling is critical when teaching writing.

How to teach essay writing by modelling?
  • Teachers must be familiar with the strategies and the process involved in writing (teachers themselves must be writers too).
  • Emphasize on teaching at the point of writing.
  • Apply shared writing (whole class composition). Get the students involved, allow them to make suggestions--consider them and make decisions about which ones to adopt. Draft the writing orally by rehearsing sentences and improve the sentences before writing them down. Reread each section as we progress and ask the students whether the draft can be improved. By so doing, the writing process will become familiar and fully understood by all students.
  • Guide the students through the whole process by modelling a writer's cognition (the teacher will have to think aloud) to demonstrate how and when to use the strategy. Explore the decisions writers make as the writing happens.
  • Refer to supporting materials such as charts, organizers or mnemonics throughout the writing process.

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