Seminar "The Secret to Writing A+ Essays" @ SMK Malim

Alhamdulillah. I went to SMK Malim last year to share the 'secret' with the SPM candidates there, and I was truly delighted to know that there was improvement in the SPM 2012 results, compared to the year before. The Principal herself expressed her gratitude, which was a real honour for me. So, when Puan Fatimah--the English Panel Head--invited me again this year, I was so excited and was more than happy to go there again. I went there twice this time around; the first session was with the SPM candidates, which was on the 29th April 2013. Then, on the 8th May 2013, I went there for the second session with the PMR candidates. As usual, enthusiasm is infectious, and I sincerely believe that the students have learned a lot of useful tips, which will hopefully help them to write better essays and score better marks in exams. InsyaaAllah.

The best Principal I have ever met, Dr. Hajah Rosnanaini bt Sulaiman. She is so cool. No wonder the teachers are  happy and less stressful working at SMK Malim. 
Good luck boys!
All the best girls!
Try your best!
Thank you Puan Sharifah.
A special feature of SMK Malim, roofed assembly area with fans attached everywhere...just for the students' comfort. 

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