Well Done!

I am so proud of my UPSR students. All 15 of you have done your best to deserve the good results. For my dearests who did not achieve your target, please do not give up. You still have a long way to go, and this is just the beginning. May Allah be with us along the way, InsyaaAllah.

  • Nuruljannah (5A)
  • Nur Fatihah (5A)
  • Danial Hakimin (5A)
  • Nadzmi (5A)
  • Aizuddin (4A1B)
  • Aina Athirah (4A1B)
  • Farah Rahimi (4A1B)
  • Afiqah Hanisah (4A1B)
  • Fahmy (3A2B)
  • Ariff (3A2B)