Spot Question "How I Met Myself"

Sample Question:

Based on the novel that you have studied, describe an incident that motivates you and state the reasons why. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

I choose the novel How I Met Myself written by David A. Hill. The incident that motivates me is John's encounter with his doppelganger. On one icy winter evening, John meets his 'lookalike' who knocks him into the snow and dashes away leaving no footprints. There are many reasons why this incident motivates me.

First of all, John's encounter with his doppelganger motivates me because from that incident onward I could see the courage in John. In the beginning, John is scared and is haunted by nightmares. He could not sleep and could not focus on his work. However, he later shows his courage when he decides to pursue his doppelganger. He goes to the sites of the strange encounter, starts questioning the the residents and even doing some research in the library in order to solve the mystery. He is determined to know what his doppelganger is trying to tell him.

Apart from that, John's strange encounter with his doppelganger motivates me because that incident leads to stronger bonding between John and his family. Initially, life is peaceful and happy for John, Andrea and Kati. However, John's obsession to solve the mystery of the doppelganger affects his relationship with his wife and daughter. John is focusing to much on finding out more about his doppelganger that he starts to neglect his family. Andrea finally speaks out her mind and reminds John of his responsibilities as a husband and father. When John explains everything to her, as a loving and caring wife Andrea tries to understand him and even accompany him to Felka utca. It turns out that the doppelganger is trying to save Andrea and Kati from the tragedy of gas explosion at Gergely utca. John is relieved to see that his wife and daughter are safe, and they go home together safely and love each other more than ever.

In a nutshell, John's encounter with his doppelganger is the incident that motivates me because even though it leads John into hardship, it finally brings out the best in his life and his family.

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