Sample Answer (The Phantom of The Opera)

Sample Question:

Discuss a moral value that you learn from a novel that you have studied at school. Support your answer with close reference to the novel.

I choose The Phantom of The Opera written by Gaston Leroux. The moral value that I learn from this novel is bravery. There are many examples throughout the novel which show us about the bravery of the characters.

First of all, a character that shows a true bravery is Raoul. When Christine is kidnapped by the Phantom, Raoul does not waste any time but runs around looking for her.  When the Persian offers to show him where the Phantom lives, Raoul is more than happy to follow him. He does not know what is waiting for him ahead but there is no fear at all in his mind because Christine's safety is more important.

Apart from that, another character that shows bravery is the Persian. Even though he knows that the path to the Phantoms house on the lake below the Opera House is dangerous and full of traps, he is not scared at all. He only thinks that he must help Raoul to save Christine from the evil Phantom. However, his bravery as well as Raoul's are tested when they are trapped in the torture chamber and almost die there.

Last but not least, the character that shows bravery is Christine. It takes a lot of courage for her to face the angry Phantom. In order to save Raoul and the Persian from death in the torture chamber, she braves herself to kiss the ugly Phantom. As a result of her brave act, things turn out to be better for everybody. The Phantom realizes his wrongdoings and turn over a new leaf. Raoul and Christine continue their love without any disturbance from anyone.

In a nutshell, while reading this novel I learn about bravery as shown by the characters such as Raoul, the Persian and Christian. I think this novel is good to read.

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