Sample Answer (The Phantom of The Opera)

Sample Question:

Write about an incident that you think is important from the novel that you have learned at school. Give reasons to support your answer.


I choose The Phantom of The Opera written by Gaston Leroux. The incident that I think is important from this novel is when The Phantom kidnaps Christine in the middle of her performance at the Opera House. There are many reasons why I think it is important.

First of all, this incident reveals the true nature of The Phantom. He loves Christine so much. He overheard the conversation between Raoul and Christine who plan to escape from the Opera House after the performance. Therefore, he kidnaps Christine so that he will not loose her to Raoul. Later, Christine's gentle kiss brings out the soft side of The Phantom. No woman has ever kissed him, not even his own mother and it is just because he has an ugly face. This is a turning point in his life, and he changes into a better person later on. Even though it is very hard, he lets Christine and Raoul free so that they can get married and live happily together. 

Apart from that, from this incident we could see how much Raoul loves Christine. After the blackout, when he finds out that Christine is missing, he does not waste any time but runs around looking for her. He is lucky because The Persian is willing to help him by showing him the way to The Phantom's house on the lake below the Opera House. They are trapped in the torture chamber and almost die there. Luck is on their side when finally The Phantom, who is touched by the gentleness of Christine's kiss, has decided to let them go.

In a nutshell, the incident when The Phantom kidnaps Christine in the middle of her performance at the Opera House is important because it reveals the true nature of the Phantom, as well as showing to us how much Raoul loves Christine. I learn many lessons from this incident.