Sample Answer (The Phantom of The Opera)

Sample Question:

Choose a character that you like from a novel that you have learned at school. Give reasons to support your answer.

I choose The Phantom of The Opera written by Gaston Leroux . The character that I like is Raoul. There are many reasons why I like him.

First of all, I like Raoul because he is a great lover. He loves Christine very much. Even though they were separated for four years, he is still in love with her. Therefore, when he gets the chance to be with Christine again he tries his best to prove his love towards her.

Apart from that, I like Raoul because he is very protective. When he knows that The Phantom has threatened Christine, he vows that he would murder him. Then, he would take Christine away from the Opera House so that she could be safe and they could live happily together.

Last but not least, I like Raoul very much because he is a brave man. He is willing to sacrifice his own life in order to save Christine. When The Phantom kidnaps Christine during her performance, Raoul does not waste any time but runs around looking for her. He is lucky because The Persian is willing to help him by showing him the way to The Phantom's house on the lake below the Opera House. They are trapped in the torture chamber and almost die there. Luck is on their side when finally The Phantom, who is touched by the gentleness of Christine's kiss, has decided to let them go.

In a nutshell, I like Raoul because he is a great lover, a protective man and the most important of all is that he is brave. I wish that one day I would have a boy friend like him.

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