Catch Us If You Can (Summary of Chapters 22-33)

Chapter 22
The public has mixed responses over Rory and Granda's running away. Ruby indicates that people are taking sides about them, arguing about the rights and wrongs of their case. Rory realises that they would have to be on the move again. Sammy suggests that he drives them to Dundee so that they can take a train to Glasgow to be with family friends who would provide them with shelter and time to think.
In the train, Rory realises that they have been recognised and alights at an earlier station. When Granda goes to the toilet, Rory is bullied by a young man who recognises him. Granda beats the latter with a bottle and decides that he will steal a car to escape.

Chapter 24
Granda seems an expert at stealing cars and his driving scares Rory. They stop at the lay by to have some rest.

Chapter 25
The runaways meet Rab when they stop to buy petrol. He offers them help.

Chapter 26
Rab says that he wants to help them because Rory and Granda are not criminals. He allows them the use of his flat and seems kind and concerned. Though pale and tired, Granda says that he is alright as long as he is with Rory. Rory prays for help because he realises he needs someone to help him. Again TV newsflashes show that the public is very much on their side and Rory gets to know that his Granda's son, his father, has been traced to Liverpool.
Chapter 27
The television news states that neither Rory nor his grandfather have attempted to contact Jeff McIntosh in Liverpool. Rab encourages Rory to take his grandfather to his son.
Chapter 28
Rab has a grand idea to make sure that they get to Liverpool. A whole line of people are going to take them to Rory's dad and Granda comments that the world is indeed wonderful after having experienced so much kindness.

Chapter 29
Annie drives them into England and leaves them with Norma and Nicola. The latter admires Rory for what he has done. Granda agrees but his mood changes when he finds out that they are going to his son in Liverpool.
Chapter 30
Granda refuses to go and for the first time Rory is frustrated. He had hoped that his father would take over the responsibility of Granda but Granda thinks that it would hurt Rory too much if his father would leave them again. Rory begins to hate his father and Granda consoles him by saying that they have never needed him and that they do not need him now. Nicola rings up to tell Rory that the police are coming and that they would have to move on.
Chapter 31
It is the second escape; both of them run out into the dark. Granda is tired and they both stop to rest and eventually sleep off at a stone bus shelter. Prior to that Granda says that if he was to die, he would as a happy man. On awakening, Rory is not able to awaken his grandfather and is afraid that he may be dead.
Chapter 32
Rory runs for help and remembers Ruby's prophecy about the terrible sadness. Help comes immediately and the police introduce him to his father.
Chapter 33
Granda is not dead. He is hospitalised and recovers eventually. Rory is reunited with his dad and his family. He has two little sisters who endear themselves to Granda. His dad asks to be given another chance to prove that he can be a good dad and a good son again. Rory has found what he was looking for and realises that if anything happens to his Granda he will not be alone again. He is thankful to all who have helped them on their journey. He is very happy that he, Granda and his family are together again.

Source: Curriculum Development Division. Ministry of Education Malaysia. 2010

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