Analysing the Characters in One is One and All Alone

  • Main character.
  • 11 years old; the only child on the spaceship heading towards Trion.
  • Lonely and bored.
  • Misses personal interactions with her parents as her Dad is busy with his work and Mum is away.
  • Relies on the VoicePrinter (VP) for companionship and information.
  • Intelligent: she masters the cloning technology and created a clone of herself.
  • Short sighted as her cloning plan backfires.
  • Clo becomes a nuisance to her.
  • Clo in turn gets rid of Trish through the Disposal Hatch instead.
  • Identical twin created by Trish in the Biolab using cloning technology.
  • Trish's friend and companion before she "got sick" of her.
  • Quick thinking as she out manoeuvres Trish and gets rid of her creator.
  • Cautious, as she assumes Trish's identity at the end of the story.
Trish's Dad
  • Executive Officer of the spaceship.
  • Busy and preoccupied with work as the captain of the spaceship.
  • Tries to spend time with Trish, his daughter at the diner; indulging her with chocolate milkshakes.
  • Does not realise that Trish has been replaced by Clo at the end of the story.
Voice Printer
  • Versatile and intelligent computer.
  • Tutor and companion to Trish in her lonely days.
  • An avenue for Trish's private thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Source: Curriculum Development Division. Ministry of Education Malaysia. 2010

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