Analysing the Characters in Catch Us If You Can (Granda)

GRANDA – delightfully funny; often repeating phrases and is able to surprise the reader in some instances (hitting the bully unconscious in Perth railway station and stealing the car)

Forgetful and often helpless, he has a good sense of humour. Loves his grandson who he says makes up for his lost son. Charming to ladies, he considers himself lucky to have Rory as his grandson - “What did I do to deserve a boy like you?”

He unwittingly embarrasses Rory's school teacher and becomes a hit among the children when he accidentally sets his coat on fire during Parents' Day. In his forgetfulness, he nearly sets the flat on fire and because of that is hospitalised. He is very co-operative with Rory during their journey and never once complains.

He has no serious motives except that he wants to be together with his grandson at all times.

Consequently he is separated from his grandson but runs away from the home. He meets strangers, some of whom he harbours prejudices. He hits a bully who threatens Rory and even steals a car in an attempt to escape. He reconciles with his son and his family in the end.

Source: Curriculum Development Division. Ministry of Education Malaysia. 2010

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