Analysing the Characters in Catch Us If You Can (Rory)

RORY – has a rich inner life; capable of growing and changing, adapting to every new situation with hope and optimism. Readers follow his development through a very wide variety of experiences.

The novel is seen through the eyes of Rory. Readers get access to his young mind – how he thinks, feels and reacts. This narration technique reveals Rory's love for his granda, the concern and anxiety, fears, doubts and frustrations as he goes on the journey of love and protection with his grandfather. Reader can appreciate Rory's growth and maturation because the first person narration has made it possible for an inside view of Rory's mind.

Kind, respectful and very aware of his responsibilities.

He plans the great escape and is solely responsible for getting his grandfather out of the home for old people. Along the journey, he meets new people who extend help.

Honest and sincere; he is very determined to be with his grandfather all the time. He does not want his grandfather to be in the old people‟s home and the only way out is to run away.

He and his grandfather avoid the authorities and eventually meet up with his father.

Source: Curriculum Development Division. Ministry of Education Malaysia. 2010

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