Stories (Vignettes) within Step by Wicked Step

Colin's Story: The Bluebird of Happiness
Colin and his mother left his father when he was a few weeks old. His mother takes up with a person whom he thinks of as his father. However, his immature mother also leaves this stepdad after a while. Now he misses him so badly that it hurts.

Ralph's Story: A Tale of Three Stepmothers 
Ralph's life, though merry, is as complicated as a maze as he has three stepmothers and many step-family members.

Claudia's Story: Green Pyjamas 
After Claudia's parents' divorce, Dad finds a girlfriend, Stella. Claudia feels disloyal to her mum whenever she has a good time with her father and his new girlfriend. Even though Stella tries her best to be accepted by Claudia and her daddy's friends, she is being ignored. Finally, Claudia realises her rudeness and she comes out of her closet by wearing the green pyjamas given by Stella.

Pixie's Story: The Pains in My Life 
Pixie has to deal with two really irritating stepsisters and a father who pretends he doesn't notice how difficult things are for her. One day her stepmother (Lucy) and Pixie have a fight. They pour out their frustrations. Only then they realise that it is all because of Pixie's father who is selfish, always pretending he didn't notice things, and leaving them for Lucy to sort out the mess.

Robbo's Story: Dumpa's the Problem 
Robbo and his sister, Callie always think that the birth of their stepbrother, Dumpa has caused numerous problems between them and their step father, Roy. When the relationship between Robbo's mother and Roy is on the rock, Robbo realises that Roy does not move on because Dumpa's the problem. Finally, Robbo realises that his mother is always stuck in between when Callie and Roy quarrel. This has caused mum and Robbo's stepfather to be upset.

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