Horse Characters in Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Black Beauty plays an important role as a sharp observer of human nature, commenting on the morals, cruelty and weaknesses of people. He is a handsome black horse with one white foot and a white star on his forehead. He is well-bred with gentle manners and a good heart. He is hardworking and always ready to serve and please his masters. Physically and mentally strong, he is brave and calm in emergency and danger. He is able to endure hardship and pain, with a strong will to survive. He knows how to appreciate kindness, care and good treatment of people to him. He loves nature, especially the meadows and countryside.


Duchess is Black Beauty's mother. She is gentle and amiable. She advises Black Beauty to be good and always do the best, and never to kick or bite. Black Beauty has a good upbringing because of her.


Ginger is a high breed mare. She received harsh treatment when young and became rebellious. She could have become a racing horse but ends up as a cab horse. She dies because of cruel treatment and overwork. Ginger is tall and has chestnut-coloured body. Her ears are laid back and her neck is long and handsome. She is high-spirited and hot-tempered but later trained to be cool, gentle and hardworking. She has a bad habit of snapping and biting due to the way she was treated when she was young. She regards Black Beauty as her best friend.


Merrylegs is a little fat gray pony with thick mane and tail. She has a pretty head and pert nose. Cheerful, plucky and good tempered. She is fond of the young girls at the Birkwick Park. She does not tolerate bad behaviour and throws boys off her back when they ill-treat her.

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