Catch Us If You Can (Summary of Chapters 13-21)

Chapter 13
The Great Escape. Darren offers the use of his mom's caravan and Rory plans the escape with great detail. Granda relies on Rory to get out of Rachnadar.

Chapter 14
Granda is like a little boy, allowing him to be led; safe in the knowledge that Rory would look after him. He is happy to be in the caravan and decides that he is indeed a lucky man to deserve a boy like Rory. Rory has done all of this so that they could be together. He realises that he would never let anyone separate them.

Chapter 15
Happy in the caravan, Granda recovers his old self.

Chapter 16
While fishing, they meet strangers and Granda is prejudiced when he calls them “tinkers”. As Granda's health improves and both of them are happy, Darren sends Rory a text message saying that the authorities are after them.

Chapter 17
Rory prepares Granda for another move away from the police but as they move through the woods, the strangers whom they had met the day before, reach out and help them.

Chapter 18
Rory has no choice and allows them to lead. They are taken to an older caravan camp and Rory meets Tyrone and his family. Tyrone's mom responds that they had helped them because it was Rory that they had wanted to help.

Chapter 19
They are taken care of well in Sammy's camp. While there, they realise that they are the top story on the Scottish news as a boy and his grandfather on the run. Apparently, the authorities are worried about Granda whose health is a real concern. Granda decides that he would rather die of cold and hunger as long as he is free.

Chapter 20
Granda and Rory are worried that Sammy would get into trouble by helping them. But Sammy insists that he did not kidnap them and that they are not escaped convicts. Rory learns never to be judgemental of people.

Chapter 21
The runaways enjoy the birthday party in Sammy's brother's place. Ruby reads Rory's future and predicts that he would meet people who would help him; some of whom he would not be able to trust. He would certainly find what he is looking for but would face a terrible sadness before that.

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