Catch Us If You Can (Summary of Chapters 1-12)

Chapter 1
Readers are introduced to Rory and his Granda as they wait for Dr Nicol in the waiting room. The doctor is concerned that Rory is too young to take care of his grandfather. However, Rory is aware that there are only two of them in the family.

Chapter 2
Granda has a failing memory; always misplacing things. Rory has the sole responsibility of taking care of Granda like buying him his lunch every day.
Chapter 3
Rory sacrifices some of the things he likes for Granda. He gives up football so that he can be at home with his Granda. Rory's worry is that if Granda is put into Rachnadar, they would be separated. Rory's dad had left them many years ago and Granda is very disappointed with his son, not wanting to see him again.
Chapter 4
Granda is very popular with Rory's friends and meets Mrs. Foley for the first time. Granda accidentally sets fire to his and Mrs. Foley's coats at the school's Parents' Night.
Chapter 5
Val Jessup, a social worker is assigned to take care of Granda and Rory. Darren's mum and Mrs. Foley are both worried for Rory and are glad of the extra help they were going to receive. However, Granda has a little accident in the flat and is taken to the hospital.
Chapter 6
Granda has suffered from smoke inhalation and has to be hospitalised. Rory pleads to the Big Man to make Granda wake up. Val Jessup is nervous to let Rory live in the flat alone and drives him to the children's home at Castle Street.
Chapter 7
Rory goes to the home because he has no choice and he thinks that it will be for only one night – till his granda is out of the hospital. Tess, a young inmate of the home, terrifies Rory with her bad behaviour.

Chapter 8
Granda admits that he had forgotten that the chip pan was on the stove, hence the fire in the flat. He tries to appease Rory by saying that he would get better soon. However, he is upset that his grandson is in the Castle Street home.
Chapter 9
Although Rory loves his grandfather, he is slightly annoyed with him as well because of the accident; he had landed himself in the hospital because of that and now Rory is in a children's home. Rory goes back to the flat with Val and collects Granda's medication. There, Rory realises that he wants to return home. Granda feels the same too.
Chapter 10
Rory is given the idea that Mrs Foley might foster Rory. Rory goes to the hospital to find that Granda is not there anymore.
Chapter 11
Granda has been shifted to Rachnadar. Val Jessup tells Rory that he is just a boy and that he cannot take care of Granda anymore.
Chapter 12
Granda is very upset to be sent to the home and it breaks Rory's heart to see him cry. At Castle Street, Rory fights with Tess. Rory becomes exasperated when Granda retreats further and further into a shell while at Rachnadar and at school, the idea of being fostered by Mrs Foley worries him. Life is certainly unpleasant in Castle Street when Tess becomes increasingly uncontrollable. Rory decides that the only way is to run away with Granda.

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