Tips for Interviews


1. Do a pre-interview research on the background of the company (for job applicants), or the course/university/country (for students) that you are applying for. You need the information to support your answers.

2. Be prepared with answers to possible common interview questions. Practise speaking with clarity and confidence before going for the interview.


1. Show the right level of confidence. Lack of confidence and avoiding eye contact could be perceived as being unprepared, while being nervous may give the impression that you are lying. On the other hand, being overconfident may turn interviewers off. You should be able to specify your strengths without sounding too boastful.

2. Listen carefully to the questions asked, be clear and concise in your answers to show that you understand the questions and are not just rambling. Good answers are straight to the point and usually short. Think before you say anything, to avoid saying something unnecessary or inappropriate.