Home Alone

Kim was nervous when the door opened that she could hardly breathe. She was hiding under her bed, hoping not to be found. The fancy frills of her bed-clothing proven to be useful in such time. Unless somebody flip them up and peep under the bed, it was a perfect hideout.

Kim was studying in her room when she heard the noise coming from the kitchen. She was alone. Her parents went to Seremban earlier in the evening, and won't be coming home until the next day. They had urgent business meeting there. The first thing that came across her mind was burglars. She walked to the door. Too scared to open it, she just stood there and listened. She heard the noise again, and it sounded like somebody was cutting the iron grill of the kitchen window. This time she was sure that burglars were breaking into her house. Spontaneously, Kim pushed the lock on the door knob and switched off the lights. When her eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness, she paced to her bed. It was the only hideout that she had in mind at that moment.

Kim's bedroom was the nearest to the kitchen and the first to be searched by the two burglars. They were wearing black clothes with the ski masks covering their face. One of them had used a master key to unlock the door. After switching on the lights, they started searching for money and valuables. Under the bed, Kim was holding her breath. Her hands were covering her mouth. She wanted to cry but she could not afford to make any noise. It was her life at stake. Then, she heard footsteps coming nearer and later stopped just beside her bed.

"I found a hand phone here," a male voice said. It was Kim's hand phone. Earlier, she was charging the phone and had placed it on the side table.

"There's nothing else in here. Let's search the other rooms." It was the other man's voice.

Kim was sure that the burglars were nowhere nearby. Slowly she came out from under the bed and tiptoed to the door. She peeped outside to see where the burglars were. She could hear them talking upstairs. They were searching her parents' room. This was her chance. She had to get to the phone in the living room and call the police. Holding her breath, she tiptoed to the living room. Once she reached the consol table where the phone was placed, she ducked and listened. The coast was clear, so she slowly picked up the phone and dialed 999. Help was on the way.

While waiting for the police to come, Kim had to hide somewhere. She was considering the store room when she clumsily knocked a vase that her mother had decoratively put on the consol table. She tried to catch it but failed. The vase shattered on the floor and the sound alerted the burglars as much as it had made Kim panic. She rushed to the store room and hid inside. In just a few seconds, she could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Kim was praying nonstop. "Please God… don't let them find me in here."

"Somebody broke the vase," a burglar said to his accomplice. "I thought you said the house is empty!" Kim's cat Tompok appeared from nowhere. It purred and walked pass by the two burglars.

"See… it was the cat! I told you no one is at home." The burglars seemed relieved and continued searching the house. It was not very long before they heard the siren approaching the house. Panicked, they left the sack containing all the things that they had collected earlier, and rushed to the kitchen window to escape. Luck was not on their side. The moment they stepped outside, the police were already waiting. They were arrested.

Kim was thankful to God that she was safe. When the police asked her to go with them to the police station to make a report, she had no objection. Earlier, she had called her parents and they were on their way home. After such an experience, there was nothing she wanted more than to be in her mom's comforting arms.

My Words:

This story was written based on actual SPM 2007 question; Write a story beginning with, "Kim was nervous when the door opened…". It is a girl's home alone experience, which is full of suspense but the ending is quite pleasant. We can always get the inspiration to write from movies that we watched.

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