A Dream Comes True

It was a dream comes true. I just could not believe what I was experiencing so I pinched my cheek. Ouch! It hurt. I was not dreaming after all. It was my wedding day, and the man that I was going to marry was none other than my beloved, Khairi.

Two years ago, I was driving home from work. Suddenly my tyre went flat. I had to stop on the road side to change the flat tyre. While I was struggling to take the spare tyre out of my car boot, a car stopped behind me. I turned around to see a young man coming out of the red car. He was tall, dark and handsome. He walked towards me and offered to lend a hand. Without any objection I let him change the flat tyre for me. When he had finished, I thanked him for his help. Before leaving, he gave me his name card and I gave him mine in return.

A week later, I received a phone call from him. He introduced himself and explained that he was attracted to me since the first time we met. I liked his voice. There was sincerity in his words and I simply couldn't resist him. We started seeing each other, and our relationship grew stronger as the time passed. I was in love with him and I couldn't live without him. Sometimes I felt that I would go crazy if I didn't hear his voice even for only one day.

There was a problem. My parents were planning to marry me with their friend's son. How could my parents want me to marry somebody I never met? They said that the man had just returned from overseas. He was a lawyer and had good looks too. It seemed that my parents liked this man very much. I told them that I already had a boyfriend, who was also a lawyer and was drop dead gorgeous. However, my parents appeared indifferent to my explanation. I was so frustrated. I wanted to marry Khairi, and I would not let my parents force me to marry this son of their friend.

Khairi was quiet when I told him about my parents' plan. He asked me to submit to my parents and not to go against their will. It was my duty as a daughter to obey them. Parents always wanted the best for their children. His words sliced through my heart and I cried heartily. How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me. He should at least fight for me instead of simply letting me become another man's wife.

The engagement ceremony went as planned. Tears filled my eyes when my mother's friend Puan Hanim put the engagement ring in my finger. How I wished that it was Khairi's mother, but I knew that it would never come true. Then Puan Hanim called her son, my fiancée, to come into the room. We, the newly engaged couple, were going to be photographed by a hired cameraman.

When I looked up at the man standing in front of me, my heart skipped a beat. It was Khairi, the man that I loved with all my heart. What was he doing here? It turned out that Khairi was my fiancée. He was Puan Hanim's son. I was speechless for this was indeed a pleasant surprise for me. I just couldn't stop thanking God for granting me my wish.

My Words:

This story was written based on sample SPM question; Write a story that begins with "It was a dream comes true..." It is a love story with pleasant surprise at the end. Most people who read this story loved it very much. If you can write something like this, I really believe that you will attract your readers attention. Write about your personal experience, and you will be surprised to find how easy the ideas will flow. Of course language is important but don't bother too much...

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