Secret No. 2: Observation

Writing is about expressing your ideas in written form, on paper or online. To be able to write easily on a certain topic, you need to have enough information regarding that particular topic. For instance, if you want to write about Datuk Lee Chong Wei, you need to know about his background, his experiences, his achievements and so on.

Apart from reading, another way to get a lot of information about anything is through observation. You may learn much from life around you--what you see and hear and observe for yourselves. For example, your observation on incidents that occur in your neighbourhood or in the country can provide you with authentic ideas which are very helpful every time you try to write your essay.

Listen to people's conversation. Get people to talk to you about the things they know. Discuss subjects that interest you with your friends. All these will help to enrich your mind with ideas and knowledge, which is essential for you in writing your essay especially during SPM.

Madam Fatimi Estar
English as 2nd Language Guru

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