Secret No. 1: Reading

One of the most common problems faced by Malaysian students when it comes to essay writing is lack of ideas. Normally, when teachers ask them to write an essay, they would respond like this; "I don't know what to write la idea." Sounds familiar? that true? It depends on what you have stored in your brain. Is it empty? Is it full of rubbish? Or, is it full of useful information?

Writing is about expressing your ideas in written form, on paper or online. To be able to write easily on a certain topic, we need to have enough information regarding that particular topic. For example, if we want to write about Datuk Lee Chong Wei, we need to know about his background, his experiences, his achievements and so on.

One way to get a lot of information about anything is through reading. When you read widely, you are storing your mind with a large variety of facts, thoughts and general information. So, when you write your essay, you can just pick any information from your brain which is relevant to the topic given to you, especially during SPM.

Madam Fatimi Estar
English as 2nd Language Guru

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