Spot Question "How I Met Myself"

Sample Question:

Based on the novel that you have studied, choose a character that motivates you and state the reasons why. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

I choose the novel How I Met Myself, written by David A. Hill. The character that motivates me is John Taylor. There are many reasons why I choose him.

First of all, John motivates me because he is an intelligent man. He works as a computer programmer at a multinational computer company. Due to his intelligence, he is chosen to lead a young Hungarian team in Budapest. We can also see John's intelligence when he come out with many ideas on how to find out more about his doppelganger.

Apart from that, I am motivated by John because he is a determined person. He is focused on solving the mystery surrounding his doppelganger. After his encounter with the doppelganger, John is haunted by nightmares. He could not sleep at night and could not focus on his work. However, he is determined to pursue his doppelganger even though he is afraid. He goes to the sites of the strange encounter, starts questioning the residents and doing research in the library to solve the mystery. He wants to know what his doppelganger is trying to tell him.

Last but not least, John motivates me because he is a loving husband and father. He takes his family for holidays in England and the Hungarian Countryside. However, John's obsession towards his doppelganger annoys Andrea and she refuses to listen to him when he talks about it. It is only after their enjoyable summer holiday in England, that their marriage life becomes better. Moreover, Kati's loveliness and cheerful nature help John and Andrea to rebuild their love for each other. 

In a nutshell, John is the character that motivates me because he is intelligent, determined and loving. I wish I could be like him.

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