Simple Steps to Writing Good Essay

1. Brainstorming
It is a useful way to let ideas come to the surface. Write whatever that comes into your head about the topic, no matter how confused and disorganized. After a few minutes, read through what you have written. Some (not all) of what you have written may give you an idea you can develop.

2. Organize and Develop Your Ideas
First, develop an outline to organize your ideas. It is suggested that students write a five paragraphs essay. It is a simple way to write a complete and clear response to an essay question in exam. The essay will be divided into:
  •  an introduction
  •  3 main body paragraphs
  •  a conclusion
The aim of writing an introduction is to let the readers know what the topic is. It is also to inform them about your point of view. You should start with a general discussion of your subject, and lead to a very specific statement (thesis statement). The thesis should tell in one or two sentences what your essay will be about.

3 Main Body Paragraphs
Each paragraph will focus on a single idea that supports your thesis. Start with a topic sentence which states main point of the paragraph, followed by elaborations which further explain that particular point. Then, try to use details and specific examples to support your point and make your ideas clear and convincing.

Restate all your main points. Then, add one or two sentences that emphasize the importance of the topic and the significance of your view.

When writing your essay, you need to show the relationship between ideas and connect your paragraphs to one another by using the connectors.
  • Sequence Connectors: First of all, Next, Then, Later, Subsequently, Last but not least, etc.
  •  Logical Connectors: Apart from that, Besides, Furthermore, On the other hand, However, etc.
3. Revising and Proofreading
Once you have finished writing, spend a few minutes to revise your essay. You may want to make some changes such as rewording your sentences or deleting material that is unnecessary. Besides, you can also look for careless errors such as misspelled words and incorrect punctuation and capitalization.

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