Sample Answer (Catch Us If You Can)

Sample Question:
Choose a character that you admire from a noel that you have learned in Form 5. With close reference to the text, give reasons to support your answer.

I choose the novel Catch Us If You Can, written by Catherine MacPhail. The character that I admire is Rory. There are many reasons why I admire him very much.

First of all, I admire Rory because he is loving and caring. He loves his Granda very much and takes a very good care of him. Granda has taken care of Rory since he was very young. Now that Granda is getting old and having his share of illness and memory lapses, it is Rory's turn to take on the role of a care-giver to him. Rory looks after Granda, makes his meals, runs the household, reminds him to take his pills, listen to his stories and so on.

Apart from that, I admire Rory because he is a determined person. When he faces the threat of becoming separated from his Granda, Rory makes the decision to run away with Granda. He thinks that they are a team and should always be together. On their journey, they meet strangers who help them. Rory gets to handle many situations and people of all sorts, and he learns a lot about life and people. Even though things are not easy for them, he is determined not to give themselves up.

Last but not least, I admire Rory because he is organized. This can be seen as he plans out his running away with Granda. He spends three days putting together his plan and organizing everything that he has  to do. Then he goes over and over his plan in his head, every step of the way to make sure nothing would go wrong.

In a nutshell, I admire Rory because he is loving, caring, determined and organized. I really think that someone like him deserves a great life.

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