A Little Something About Me

I graduated from teaching college (Maktab Perguruan Temenggung Ibrahim, which is now known as Institut Perguruan Temenggung Ibrahim) in 1995. I was majoring in Pengajian Inggeris. Then, I started my teaching career in primary school and it lasted for three years. I furthered my studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia from 1999 until 2002, and graduated with BA (Hons) English Language and Literature Studies.

When I was studying in USM, I was exposed to two things that later become the love of my life, which are literature and writing. Doing literature was not easy for me at that time since it was totally new to me. I struggled a lot. However, when I started teaching literature at school I have gradually grown interested in it and I could relate my teaching with everything that I learned at university.

Besides literature, I also had the opportunity to learn about creative writing from my lecturer who is also a well-known writer, Mr Robert Raymer. One of his popular books is Lovers and strangers: A collection of short stories (Writing in Asia series).I then, started to realize that I could actually write and I did quite well in his subject (Writing Skills). I learned a lot from him and I believe that only a writer can teach writing well.

I have been dreaming to seriously write for quite a long time, but there had been too many excuses. Nevertheless, I have written short stories which I share with my form five students. The short stories give them some ideas on how to be creative when writing their essays in SPM (Continuous Writing), within their limited English proficiency.

Now that I am no longer attached to the job at the government school, I do hope that I could be more focused and start writing seriously. As one of my friends had once said, "you have all the time you need, so write...".

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